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Opportunity Demand and Value – ITIL4

ITIL v4 (SVS) – Opportunity, demand & value

Key inputs and outputs of the service value system (SVS) are opportunity, demand and value. Everything in the SVS begins with opportunity and demand which trigger activities to produce the creation of value.

Not all opportunity or demand entering the system are automatically accepted. In many cases there might be a great opportunity, but after consideration, the final value outputted isn’t sufficient to consider the opportunity any further.

[Real estate example] After speaking with some of our customers, there is a demand for a tool which can quickly and accurately determine the price of a property without having to go through all of the paperwork and in-person visits from an appraiser. A tool like this will add great value to our existing customers who can keep track of their own property price and would be a great marketing tool for new customers who are considering working with our organization.

Opportunity Demand Value - ITILv4

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