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ITIL v4 – Outcomes, costs, risks, utility & warranty

Utility warrenty outcomes costs risks – ITIL4

A service provider should always evaluate their services to create an outcome which meets the needs of their service consumer – There is no point building a service that isn’t fit for use or doesn’t meet the consumers performance expectations. The service provider must also evaluate if the desired outcome ...

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ITILv4 – Service relationships

Service relationships – ITIL4

No longer are business relationships mono-directional (the service consumer distant from the service provider) – To create value, an organization must do more than simply provide a service. It must also cooperate with the consumers in service relationships. Typically both the service provider and service consumer will consume a number of services ...

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ITIL v4 – Resources, products, services & service offerings


Stop thinking about products (goods, resources, actions) as something which are stand-alone offerings by an organization. Products should be seen as a configuration of a organizations resources which are designed to offer value to a consumer. Now start thinking every organization is a service organization. Everything we do in business ...

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