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ITIL v4 (SVS) – Governance

Governance – ITILv4

Every organization is directed by a governing body, i.e. a person or group of people who are accountable at the highest level for the performance and compliance of the organization. All sizes and types of organization perform governance activities; the governing body may be a board of directors or executive ...

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ITIL v4 (SVS) – Continual improvement

Continual improvement – ITILv4

Continual improvement is something which everyone should keep in mind at all times, from strategic to operational. In short – everyone should always be thinking about how services/processes/activities can be improved at all levels of the business. Continual improvement should be supported at all levels: Using the continual improvement model ...

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ITIL v4 (SVS) – Guiding principles

Guiding principals – ITILv4

On the outer shell of the service value system (SVS) are the guiding principles and continual improvement. In order to support successful actions and good decisions, both of these components should be constantly considered at all levels. Guiding principles 1. Focus on value Everything that an organization does should map directly ...

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ITIL v4 (SVS) – Opportunity, demand & value

Opportunity Demand and Value – ITIL4

Key inputs and outputs of the service value system (SVS) are opportunity, demand and value. Everything in the SVS begins with opportunity and demand which trigger activities to produce the creation of value. Not all opportunity or demand entering the system are automatically accepted. In many cases there might be a ...

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ITIL v4 – Service Value System (SVS)

Service Value System (SVS) – ITILv4

The Service Value System (SVS) is the machine which turns opportunity and demand into value for the organization, customers and it’s stakeholders. The service value system includes the following components, all interconnected, working together to achieve a desired output, creating value (think of all the gears in a watch all interconnected ...

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ITIL v4 (SVS) – Service Value Chain (SVC)

Service Value Chain – Service Value Streams

New to ITIL v4 is the Service Value Chain (SVC), which is at the center of the Service Value System (SVS). It outlines 6 key activities used to respond to demand and facilitate value realization through the creation of products and services. Simply put, it is a bunch of processes ...

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