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Track YouTube video views in Woopra using GTM

Track YouTube video views in Woopra using GTM

In today’s Woopra tutorial we’re going to look at how to track YouTube video views in Woopra using GTM. In order to gain a better understanding of how effective our videos are, we’re going to want to fire an event each time your embedded YouTube video is Played, Paused and Reached ...

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Personalized Javascript popups using Woopra segments and triggers

Create javascript popups using Woopra segments and triggers

Everyone who’s serious about driving higher sales and subscriptions on their website has experimented or has already implemented some form of popup technology. While there are some quality middle-ware applications on the market (optinmonster & Sumome), none of them we have found can create a popup which can be customized ...

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Send events to Woopra using GTM


When implementing Woopra, it’s likely that you’re going to want to send more than just Page View data about your visitors. Using Woopra event tracking (very similar to Google Analytics event tracking) we can send events to Woopra in order to build a stronger profile about the actions of each ...

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Lead Revisit Notifications using Woopra

Lead Revisit Notifcations

Woopra has already expanded the way we can integrate and automate our website with other business systems, now it’s time to take it a bit further and setup lead revisit notifications every time a lead who meets certain criteria comes back onto our website. This is also applicable for any ...

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Identifying visitors in Woopra using GTM & Form Variables

Identify users in Woopra using Forms

Continuing on from Part 1: Identifying visitors in Woopra using GTM & URL Variables, we’re going to now look at how to identify visitors in Woopra using GTM to extract form field variables before or after a form has been submitted. Implementation time: 30 minutes Prerequisites: Woopra installed and running Google ...

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Identifying visitors in Woopra using GTM & URL Variables

Identify Visitors in Woopra using URL variables

To get the most out of Woopra you want the ability to identify as many visitors as possible on your website so you can track their every movement and gain better analytics into how certain visitors behave. Woopra has already written some quality documentation on sending visitor information to identify customers, ...

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What is Woopra & how does it work ?

Getting started with woopra

What is Woopra ? Earlier this week we discovered a fantastic new online integration tool called Woopra which takes online customer analytics and automated processes to the next level. For those who are using Google Analytics, you would know they forbid the sending of PII (Personal Identifiable Information) which has ...

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