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ITIL v4 – Service Value System (SVS)

Service Value System (SVS) – ITILv4

The Service Value System (SVS) is the machine which turns opportunity and demand into value for the organization, customers and it’s stakeholders. The service value system includes the following components, all interconnected, working together to achieve a desired output, creating value (think of all the gears in a watch all interconnected ...

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ITIL v4 – Outcomes, costs, risks, utility & warranty

Utility warrenty outcomes costs risks – ITIL4

A service provider should always evaluate their services to create an outcome which meets the needs of their service consumer – There is no point building a service that isn’t fit for use or doesn’t meet the consumers performance expectations. The service provider must also evaluate if the desired outcome ...

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ITILv4 – Service relationships

Service relationships – ITIL4

No longer are business relationships mono-directional (the service consumer distant from the service provider) – To create value, an organization must do more than simply provide a service. It must also cooperate with the consumers in service relationships. Typically both the service provider and service consumer will consume a number of services ...

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