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  1. This would be the perfect solution if this wasn’t an issue: Any HTML/Markdown formatting is not displayed (bold, italics, underline, ahref text links, etc etc). Any other inline elements such as images will also be reduced to nothing more than a link to the image.

    If we could retain html and inline images we would have perfection. I would love to know if anyone comes up with a solution for that.

    Tip: to make it further look like outlook edit to the following:
    From: {{comment.author.name}} Sent:{{comment.created_at_with_time}} To: {{ticket.requester.name}}Cc: {{ticket.cc_names}} {{comment.value}}

    • Hi Alex – Thanks for your input and the tip. The first email should be displayed in HTML so there are no issues with formatting or markdown. The trailing emails i’ve simply done using the unformatted comments placeholder. That way any emails sent using the web interface by the agent will include all the formatting that they provided.

      RE your tip: Good for anyone who is looking to make it look almost identical to an email, thanks for that. For us it was close enough that it still looked nice and neat 🙂

      Agree that this whole solution isn’t perfect – be great if Zendesk could just create a formatted HTML comments placeholder… sigh.

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