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Lead scoring inside Salesforce using SalesWings

Lead scoring inside salesforce using saleswings

In recent times we have been testing and are now a paying customer of a new predictive lead scoring web app called SalesWings which brings lead scoring inside Salesforce. On the contrary to most lead scoring solutions on the market, SalesWings offers a reasonably priced alternative approach to lead scoring which doesn’t ...

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WordPress form submissions to Salesforce custom object (web-to-any)

Wordpress form submissions to Salesforce

This has been a problem that we’ve been plagued with for sometime. How can we get our form submission data from WordPress into Salesforce without using a custom coded solution, or otherwise known as Salesforce Web-to-Any. We’re also not just talking about the first form submission, but every form submission ...

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Contact form 7 Dynamic Attachments using custom upload field


A large problem we have come across with CF7 is the use of dynamic attachments using only a single form. The problem is CF7 is limited to fairly static variables which are tricky to interchange. If you want different attachments you generally need to create multiple contact forms. This short ...

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